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Twenty Questions is a twice-a-month podcast from Josh Scott of JHS Pedals. Josh sits down with musicians, artists, gear manufacturers and people from all walks of life that are involved with creating something. We give you access to the back story of some of your favorite musicians, artists and manufacturers from across the globe…

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EPISODE 29 – October 19, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Bill Henss and Tim Thelen (BilT Guitars)
Synopsis –Josh talks with Bill Henss and Tim Thelen owners of BilT Guitars. Tim and Bill share about the ups and downs of guitar building as well as how BilT became a staple in the offset market.


EPISODE 28 – October 5, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Pat Quilter (QSC Amplification and Quilter Labs Amplifiers)
Synopsis – Josh talks with legendary designer Pat Quilter who invented master volume control for guitar amplifiers, created QSC amplification and the current Quilter Labs amplifiers. They discuss the beginnings of solid state amplification, 1969 and sci-fi movies.


EPISODE 27 – September 21, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes)
Synopsis – Josh talks with Taylor Goldsmith the front man of Dawes about the new record, Van Halen, Steely Dan and how to maintain focus on making great music.

EPISODE 26 – September 7, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Derek Webb
Synopsis – Josh talks with singer/songwriter and creator of Noisetrade Derek Webb. They discuss Hair metal, St Louis Pizza and a twenty-year career in music.

EPISODE 25 – August 25, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Richard Goodsell (Goodsell Amplifiers)
Synopsis – Josh chats with Richard Goodsell creator of Goodsell Amplifiers. They chat about how Richard got his start by selling his entire collection of gear to R.E.M and then accidentally plugging a guitar into an organ amplifier.


EPISODE 24 – August 10, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Robert Keeley (Keeley Electronics)
Synopsis – Josh talks with Robert Keeley creator of many well known guitar pedals like the Katana, Keeley Compressor as well as many iconic modifications. Robert shares about his dynamic journey in the pedal industry, how getting sober changed his life, and his thoughts about the creative process of pedal design.


EPISODE 23 – July 27, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Drew Shirley (Switchfoot)
Synopsis – Josh talks with Drew about how he got started playing guitar for Switchfoot, the ups and down of touring, and WHAM.

EPISODE 22 – July 13, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – James Duke (All the Bright Lights/John Mark McMillan/Matt Redman)
Synopsis – James gives some great advice on life, being a musician, and how he became a go to session and touring guitarist.

EPISODE 21 – June 29, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Brad Jackson (Jackson Amp-works)
Synopsis – Brad shares some great creative advice with Josh, and dives into his journey from being a pilot to realizing his love for building amps.

EPISODE 20 – June 15, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Todd Gummerman (Mutemath)
Synopsis – Josh talks with Todd about how he joined Mute Math, …considering bowling as a viable career option, and how in the 90’s rural Alabama had never heard of soccer.

EPISODE 19 – June 1, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Roy Mitchell Cárdenas (Mutemath)
Synopsis –In this 20 Questions Josh talks with Roy about law school, Mutemath history and the new record.

EPISODE 18 – May 18, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Doug Kauer (Kauer Guitars)
Synopsis – Josh and Doug talk about jazz, southern California weather and starting a guitar company from the ground up.

EPISODE 17 – May 9, 2016

Host – Josh Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Daniel Tyack (Salvage Custom)
Synopsis – Daniel Tyack, creator of Salvage Custom, chats with Josh about the origins of the his company, hammer pants, unicorns, and trying to stay approachable in the gear industry.


EPISODE 16 – April 20, 2016

Host – Zach Simms, JHS Pedals

Guest – Chad Howat (producer, Paper Route band member)
Synopsis – Zach Simms guest hosts this episode with producer and Paper Route band member, Chad Howat. Chad talks about his producing career, his love for Ace Base, and how music gear inspires his creativity.

EPISODE 15 – April 6, 2016

Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Butch Walker (producer, singer/songwriter)
Synopsis – Take a listen as Josh sits down with producer and singer/songwriter Butch Walker. Butch shares about everything from the art of producing, accidentally writing a hit song, and all the highs and lows of his career in the music industry.

EPISODE 14 – March 23, 2016

Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Jon Meleika (Oddfellow FX)
Synopsis – Josh talks with Oddfellow FX owner and creator Jon Meleika. Jon shares about his experience in the pedal industry, how guitar hero introduced him to the blues, and a tip on maintaining positivity in spite of adversity.

EPISODE 13 – March 9, 2016

Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – John Chandler (Pedal Train)
Synopsis – John Chandler the inventor of PedalTrain pedalboards chats with Josh about his journey from sleeping in a van to creating the most well known pedal board of all time.

EPISODE 12 – February 24, 2016

Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals

Guest – Jon Cusack (Cusack Music)
Synopsis – Jon Cusack talks about leaving the corporate world to build and design guitar pedals. Jon chats with Josh about surface mount technology, how he was one of the first ever to develop tap tempo into pedals and more.

EPISODE 11 – February 10, 2016

Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Adam Grimm (Satellite Amps)
Synopsis – Josh chats with the man behind Satellite Amps, Adam Grimm. Adam talks about everything from designing Amps, his love of Punk Rock, to being in a Hawaiian band.


EPISODE 10 – January, 27 2016
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Josh Smith
Synopsis – From being a child prodigy and opening for BB King to touring with Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith goes in detail about his musical career and love for guitar.


EPISODE 9 – January, 13 2016
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Zane Carney (CARNEY, John Mayer, Spider Man/Broadway)
Synopsis – Josh caught up with Zane a few months back while at the LA Amp Show. Zane is a “guitarist, singer, and songwriter, most known for his work with John Mayer, CARNEY, and Broadway’s “Spider Man -Turn Off The Dark.”‘ He spills the beans about how he got into the industry and how he continues pursuing music through sickness.

EPISODE 8 – December 30, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Colt Westbrook, Walrus Audio
Synopsis – Want to hear Colt bear his soul and discuss behind the scenes details about Walrus Audio? Check out this episode of 20 questions.

EPISODE 7 – December 16, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Brian Wampler, Wampler Pedals
Synopsis – Brian Wampler has been a huge force in the boutique pedal world. Brian gives you great insight into the early days of the boutique world. He also tells what he would be doing if his wasn’t making pedals…its not what you would expect.


EPISODE 6 – December 2, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Mitch Ingram, Emerson Custom
Synopsis –Emerson Custom is doing great stuff in the pedal and guitar world right now. From creating some killer pedals to manufacturing his own capacitor, hear him share in detail his journey of building emerson from the ground up.

EPISODE 5 – November 18, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Andy Timmons
Synopsis – We recently release the Andy Timmons signature pedal (The AT). We wanted to give you a little deeper look into the story of this incredible artist. Andy shares interesting details about his music history and the importance continual learning plays in his life.

EPISODE 4 – November 4, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Brian Neunaber, (Neunaber Effects)
Synopsis – This week, Josh Scott from JHS Pedals caught up with Brian Neunaber at the L.A. Amp Show recently to talk about how he got started making pedals and his love for music and electronics.

EPISODE 3 – October 21, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Joe Morgan, (Morgan Amplification)
Synopsis – This week, Josh Scott from JHS Pedals sits down with Joe Morgan to discuss $1,000.00 dinners, electrocution, and Morgan Amps.

EPISODE 2 – October 6, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Andrew McKeller (Civil Twilight)
Synopsis – This week, Josh Scott from JHS Pedals sits down with Andrew of Civil Twilight to discuss his work, life, and cravings for meat pies.

Also enjoy our favorite tracks that show off Andrew’s work on this Civil Twilight Playlist via Apple Music.


EPISODE 1 – September 22, 2015
Host – Josh H. Scott, JHS Pedals
Guest – Tim Marcus, Milkman Sound
Synopsis – This week, Josh Scott from JHS Pedals sits down with Tim Marcus from Milkman Sound to discuss his work, life, his love for crab cakes, and the importance of time travel.

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