Can I get a user manual for your pedals?
Yes…download our FULL USER MANUAL and enjoy!

Q – I just paid for a Mod on your website and need to send it in to you.  What do I do next?

Congrats! The next step is to print and fill out our Mod Authorization Form.  Once you’ve printed and filled it out, drop it in a box with your pedal.  Use some bubble wrap or those dreaded foam peanut things and securely tape up your box and send your pedal to us.  We receive USPS, FedEx, and UPS deliveries daily, however we generally do NOT recommend that you require Signature upon Delivery… that’s because we’re not always here and able to high-five the postman when he drops off packages.  Shipping your pedal(s) without the Mod Authorization Form may result in delayed processing and turn-around time on your purchase since we will have to track you down and verify exactly why you sent us your pedal. Once you have everything ready, ship your pedal with the Mod Authorization form to us at:

JHS Pedals
Attn: Mod Shop
12411 Grandview Road
Grandview, MO 64030

Q – I need to send a pedal in to be repaired. What do I do next?

Hey, stuff breaks occasionally and we’re here to help. If you need your pedal repaired, the very first step is to check out our Support Inquiry page and get in touch with us about what the problem may or may not be.  Many problems can be resolved with some nifty troubleshooting, because in many scenarios the pedal itself may not even be broken.  We’ll help you figure out whether or not it should be sent to us for a diagnosis and/or repair.  Once you’re ready to send us your pedal, go ahead and fill out the Repair Authorization Form and send it on to us at:

JHS Pedals
Attn: Repairs
12411 Grandview Road
Grandview, MO  64030

For domestic repairs, return shipping is free. For international repairs we charge $25 shipping, which is the international rate minus the price of domestic shipping.

Q – Can I talk to a tech or builder about a special project, mod….or just get some general advice about some pedals?

Yes, we’re happy to help as much and as best as we can within reason, but we ask you to do so via one of our Contact forms.  However, please understand we cannot spend hours consulting you on your pedals, mods, rig rundown, and choices in tone.  There are some great online forums and resources that are free and easily accessible where you can find opinions and answers to almost anything related to guitar pedals, guitars, amps, rigs, and tone.   That being said, we’re happy to answer general questions, if possible, but we please request you to use one of our Contact Forms which can be found in our Navigation Bar under “Contact.”  Please allow us at least 2-3 business days to make a reply.  Thanks!

Q – How long will my order to be shipped?

We strive to get your order into your hands as fast as we possibly can. Our normal ship times are generally as follows:

–Standard JHS Pedals orders normally ship within 1-2 weeks
–Hand painted JHS Pedals normally ship within 3-4 weeks
–JHS Mod shop work is normally shipped within 1-2 weeks of receiving your pedal

Q – Do you ship internationally?

Yes! When you buy a pedal and want it shipped outside of the USA, international shipping rates will apply.  International shipping rates are calculated for you during the online checkout process.  Please note that JHS Pedals takes no responsibility and will not pre-pay or reimburse you for any duties, taxes, and/or processing fees associated with you receiving your package in your nation. We also do not declare international shipments as “gifts” or under-declare values of international shipments.

As of 2014, we no longer take orders from or ship to Brazil, Malaysia, or Indonesia.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We have Dealers in each of these nations and we suggest you to make a purchase from one of them.  Please refer to our Dealer Page for their contact info.

Q – How do you ship?

We currently ship almost all packages through UPS without “signature required” service.  We will occasionally ship via USPS or FedEx for some cases. We will give you a confirmation that your order has shipped on the day it leaves our shop. If you prefer another delivery method and/or options like insurance or signature confirmation, let us know and we’ll consider the options available. All international shipments will be insured.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  JHS Pedals takes no responsibility and will not pre-pay or reimburse you for any duties, taxes, and/or processing fees associated with you receiving your package in your nation.

Q – What type of power supply do your pedals require?

All of our pedals use a standard 9v DC adapter with a negative ground unless specified on the individual pedal’s product page.  We recommend any high-quality supply that utilizes isolated power.  This would include the Voodoo Lab PP2+ or the IS0-5 and several other brands/models. ONLY purchase and use power supplies made specifically for guitar pedals like the said products.  Choosing a high quality power supply is frequently overlooked when purchasing pedals and building a pedal board, but it can be one of the most important factors in operating your pedal board to its fullest potential and creating great tone.  We also discourage using “daisy-chained” power as well.  We encourage you to take a look at our Tech Article from 2010 titled Powering Your Pedals for an explanation of why choosing high quality power is so important.  For further reading on the topic, we recommend an article published by Premier Guitar Magazine in December 2011 called Powering Your Board.  None of our pedals include 9v battery connectors.

Q- How can I apply for a JHS Artist Endorsement?

We are a small business and do not pay artists/musicians to use our products.  We do have an official Artist endorsement/sponshorship program that offers meek discounts on our pedals.  If you’d like to apply for an official JHS endorsement/sponsorship, please use our Artist Endorsement Inquiry.

****Sending us a physical CD in the mail or a 8×10 of your pretty face is the worst way possible to get our attention.  Please use the above link if you’re interested in becoming an official JHS endorsed/sponsored artist.

Q – How do I send my pedal in to be modified?

The best way to have one of your own pedals modded is to start by visiting the Mod Shop part of our website which is found under “Products.”  Add the items to your online Cart and proceed through the checkout process completing your payment.  Once that is complete, please take a minute to fill out our nifty Mod Authorization Form and drop it in a box along with your cool pedal(s).  When you’re ready to say goodbye to your pedal, please send it to us at:

JHS Pedals
12411 Grandview Road
Grandview, MO 64030


Take the time to print clearly so there aren’t any delays in the processing of your order. Also be sure to mail your pedal in a properly packaged box as we ARE NOT responsible for damage caused by shipping. If your pedal requires a special power supply other than the typical 9v, Digitech or Line 6 please include it in the package.

Q – How can I pay you for an item that doesn’t have a shopping cart button?

Q – What type of warranty do your pedals have?

A – Please refer to our page for Warranty & Returns

Q – How do you handle non-warranty repairs?

A – Please refer to our page for Warranty & Returns

Q – Do you offer refunds?

Please refer to our page for Warranty & Returns

Q – Do you do repairs?

Yes we do offer to repair our pedals.  Please visit our Support Inquiry page and follow all the instructions there BEFORE sending us your pedal.  We have dealt with countless repair issues that turned out to be something other than the pedal itself. A huge percentage of suspected problems are caused by interference from other pedals, power supply problems, user error, cables, etc.  Our Support Inquiry page can save you lot’s of time, money, frustration and sleepless nights!

Q – How can I contact you?

Please use our Contact page to get in touch with us about general inquiries, repairs, or any question about a pedal or mod.

Q – Can you build out an entire pedal board for me? 

Unfortunately we no longer offer this service.  As JHS Pedals has grown, we are focusing all our efforts in designing and building pedals.

Q – Do you modify or work on guitar amps?

We do not do any amp work at this time. Maybe one day…

Q – Can we visit your shop?

Our production workshop is closed to the public.  We do not offer tours or special visits.

Q – I’m a local of the Kansas City area and want to buy a pedal, have a pedal modded, or need a repair. Can I come to the JHS Pedals shop to do this?

We do not sell products at our Grandview Missouri workshop location.  Our local pick-up is open from 4:00-5:00pm CST Monday through Thursday unless its a government holiday.  If you want to drop off a pedal to be modded and/or repaired, please refer to our Local Pick-Up times above.

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