JHS Pedals Supports Human Rights

Scroll down to read a personal statement from Josh about his previous involvement at ihopkc.


Below is our official statement regarding rumors and allegations that JHS Pedals directly linked with political/religious organizations… We encourage you to read our statements below but we also encourage you to read this sub-reddit thread where we address conversationally our stances and questions surrounding various allegations and rumors about JHS Pedals.   You can read through the comments here: https://www.reddit.com/r/guitarpedals/comments/5soep5/statement_from_jhs_on_their_political_religious/


 Read our Full Statement here:

In light of recent questions and defamatory allegations that have been posted on the internet we’d like to take a moment to make a statement about JHS Pedals, our character, and our values.

JHS Pedals is not a political or religious company.  JHS Pedals does not support, fund, or partner with any political or religious organizations. We do not function in those arenas and we have no ties or activity with any organizations in those arenas.  We categorically reject any claims to the contrary. We have lots of future plans for cool guitar pedals but we have no future plans that involve any political or religious activity.  We are a guitar pedal company made up of about 25 employees who hold diverse values, opinions, religious views, and political persuasions.  We have cultivated a number of valued and trusted relationships with many artists, dealers, and customers worldwide all whom hold various and diverse personal  views on politics, religion, gender, and sexuality.

We treat every person with honor, dignity, and respect — regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, or sexual orientation.

We value and respect the rights of all people.  We categorically reject any claims to the contrary and we proclaim that any claims to the contrary are completely unfounded and baseless.  For our company to take a corporate stance on political or religious matters would be a disservice to our hard working employees as well as our artists, dealers, and customers whom all hold diverse viewpoints.

JHS Pedals is an LLC that has only ever been independently owned and directed by Josh Scott.  We have never received any funding or operational assistance from any religious or political organization.  At no time in our 10 year history has JHS Pedals ever been owned and operated by anyone other than Josh Scott and the hard working employees of JHS Pedals.

We have incredible employees, dealers, artists, and customers worldwide. We love what we do and we’re extremely proud to celebrate our 10th year in the industry this year. We will continue to work hard to make excellent guitar pedals and provide the highest quality customer service that we can, all while embracing and fairly treating everyone we come into contact with.

A personal statement from Josh about ihopkc:

I attended church and volunteered off-and-on at ihopkc as a musician between 2010-2013 and have never hidden that fact.  I have never persecuted or discriminated against anyone, including the LGBTQ community, and I personally do not support or donate to any organization that does.   I renounce discriminatory and oppressive views and I stand behind my statement that I personally, and my company JHS Pedals, treats every person with honor, dignity, and respect — regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, or sexual orientation.  I am here to dialogue with our fans, customers, artists, and critics about JHS Pedals, not about ihopkc or their 2000+ staff/members/leaders…I have not personally been involved at ihopkc for about 4 years now.  I personally and professionally value and respect the rights of all people and I am unaffiliated with any organization that does not conduct themselves in the same manner.

Published: February 7, 2017
Last Updated: February 9, 2017

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