JHS Pedals Gift Card

JHS Pedals Gift Card
JHS Pedals Gift CardJHS Pedals Gift Card
JHS Pedals Gift CardJHS Pedals Gift Card

Price: $50

Not sure what pedals that special someone likes to use when he/she is playing guitar? ...you can now purchase Gift Card(s) in a variety of dollar amounts that are valid and redeemable at JHSpedals.com.  Here's how it works....

1.  Create and customize the value of your Gift Card by adding one or more dollar amount options to your shopping cart.

2. Complete your transaction online to pay for your Gift Card.

3. Upon receiving your order, our awesome Admin staff will create a customized one-time use Gift Card Code equal to the dollar amount you just paid for.  The Code is valid exclusively at JHSpedals.com for up to 12 months and can be used on an order of any size.

4. Please note that the value of the Gift Card Code is a one-time use only and the full value must be used all at once.  Any unused value and/or remaining balance cannot and will not be stored in our online ordering system for a future use.

It is super simple and super easy, and the perfect way to give the gift of JHS Pedals to a friend, loved one or co-worker for any special occasion!

Once your Gift Card Code is created and active, we will email you the Code along with a printable Gift Card document that can be presented to that special someone.  All Gift Card sales are handled digitally via email, no physical documents or cards are mailed.  Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue.


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