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All American
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Removed from our line-up to make room for new drives that came in 2012. By far one of the most versatile dirt boxes we have ever made and sure to be sought after for years to come!

One of the most sought-after effects in history is the vintage RAT. Raised high by everyone from David Gilmore to Jeff Beck, it is known for its unbelievable range of tones, spanning from clean/grit all the way to compressed sustaining fuzz.

Because of popular demand and the cheap construction of the current reissues, we decided to take on the task of introducing our own version of an American classic. We were surprised by more options and mojo than we originally anticipated.

Our All American offers a more focused frequency range than any pedal in its class. Its bass and mids melt perfectly into a combination that can make a 1x12 combo sound like a stack of cabs backstage.  The spiky and brutal highs of the original design have been tamed and are now submitting in a very pleasing way that allows you to actually use the tone/filter knob past 25%.

Our biggest addition is our sweep knob giving you instant control over the feel of the gain structure as a whole. This allows for perfect and precise tuning to your ear's desire! We decided we wouldn’t stop there and added a 3-way gain switch that allows LED/Silicon/Open clipping for one explosively versatile pedal!

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 2.2"x4.3"x1.5"

V1 = larger enclosure with light sky blue powder coat. no AA icon. Some had a star in center. Very rare.
V2 = changed to the current size enclosure and sparkle red color. Slightly different star logo.
V3 = last production version as pictured. Slightly different clipping options on the 3 way gain toggle.

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