Alpine (Reverb)

Alpine (Reverb)
Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)
Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)Alpine (Reverb)

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Price: $249

The Alpine is JHS’s spring reverb-esque offering. An evolution of Sky Pedals’ Cloud 9, the Alpine sports the same spacious ambience in a simple-to-tweak stompbox. If you want a realistic spring reverb or washed out layers, the Alpine does it and more. The pedal’s most potent weapon is its Shift control, which lets you switch between two reverb settings on the fly. We then sprinkled on a heaping serving of JHS magic, adding an onboard effects loop, optional true bypass switching, and more. In a world full of reverb pedals, we are proud to offer up a highly tweakable, versatile, and inspiring solution for ambience fans everywhere.

Vast array of tones with straightforward control

With the Alpine, you’ll get a springy reverb with a sound all its own. Dialing the sound in couldn’t be easier, thanks to a straightforward set of controls. And we think you’ll especially dig the Depth knob - taking you from a small room to a cavern with the twist of your wrist.

- Controls for Reverb, Highs, and Length take your tone from subtle springiness to more enveloping ambiance
- We added a Depth control. Think of it this way: it lets you change the depth of the canyon you are playing guitar in
- Highs control has been slightly re-voiced to add a touch of sparkle

The all-powerful Shift control

What sets the Alpine apart from a crowded field is its ability to deliver two different reverb settings with the tap of a footswitch. The top-mounted Shift control lets you instantly go from mild to cavernous on the fly.

- Shift control dials in a second reverb setting that is accessed with an onboard footswitch
- No menus here. Setting up your two sounds is as easy as turning a few knobs
- LED indicator tells you which sound is active

A few additions that we think you’ll appreciate

Ok. We admit it. When we see a great design, we find it hard to leave well enough alone. But we’re pretty sure you’ll love our tweaks and additions that take the Alpine to the next level.

- EFX Loop (via TRS splitter) that allows placement of any effect on reverb tails only
- Internal switch changes from buffered to true-bypass operation. In true bypass the trail will cut off when the pedal is disengaged
- Depth control adds weight and dimension to your reverb tails

Special thanks to Jim Coleman of Sky Pedals for giving us a great foundation to build on. The Cloud 9 lives on in the Alpine. Click HERE to watch a short video about how/why JHS Pedals acquired Sky Pedals and re-designed and improved the Cloud9 to bring you the Alpine Reverb.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes about 100mA, and measures 4.7"x3.7"x1.2"

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