Bass Soul Food "Bread & Butter" Mod

Bass Soul Food “Bread & Butter” Mod

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Electro Harmonix recently released the Soul Food, which is a very accurate reproduction of the Klon. They soon followed that release with the Bass Soul Food, which is very much the same, but with an added PAD toggle for active/passive basses and a great Blend control knob to dial back in your unaffected tone for the perfect attack and clarity. Basically it’s a Klon style pedal that is perfectly adapted for bass players but also sounds amazing on guitar. We thought we would take things a step further and bring you the “Deep Fried” modification.

The toggle on the right is the “More Bass” toggle. Flip this switch and make any bass rig rumble with deep lows and punchy mids. On electric guitar this toggle will help break up your amp and add a nice fat character to your tone. It loves single coil pickups!

The toggle on the left is the “Grit” toggle. It throws a pair of matched Schottky diodes into the clipping section for smooth, crisp and saggy saturation! This toggle along with your preferred blend of the ‘Blend” control makes this an unbeatable bass distortion!

If you play bass guitar, this modification is one of the best we offer for tons of tones in a small format. If you play guitar and love the sound of the Klon type circuits out there… this will blow your mind and have you coming back for seconds.

Also see our original Soul Food mods “Meat & 3” and “Shamrock”

***DISCLAIMER*** After the Mod perform, the 9V battery will become disabled.

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