Boss SD-1 Trans Am

Boss SD-1 Trans Am
Boss SD-1 Trans AmBoss SD-1 Trans Am
Boss SD-1 Trans AmBoss SD-1 Trans Am


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The SD-1 is a good sounding overdrive that is designed in the shadow of the mighty Ibanez Tubescreamer. Underneath the hood of this pedal dwells the potential for a hot rodded overdrive unlike anything you’ve heard. We start by replacing the stock low quality op amp with a low noise TL072 as well as adding metal film caps into the circuit for excellent bass response and a very transparent tone that rivals the big boys. We give you gobs more available gain. We don’t stop there; we add an actual mosfet transistor into the clipping section for the most tube-like breakup and response you will ever hear from a pedal in this price range. When the toggle switch is engaged, it adds an additional stage of LED clipping in series with the modified FET clipping in the mod giving it a little extra dirt and a bit of a full boost.This mod also includes the bypass fix so your pedal isn't killing your signal when off.

The Tubescreamer tone is for those who want a little more power under the hood...

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