Danelectro Daddy O Gov’ner Mod

Danelectro Daddy O Gov’ner Mod

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The Daddy’O has been around for a long time and is a very solid pedal in a lot of ways. The circuit is basically the vintage Marshall Gov’ner with a few small changes. It has bass, treble and mid controls that allow you to dial in tones that other overdrives have a hard time with.

Our goal with this mod is to make it rock like the Gov’ner did back in the day. We give it smooth upper frequencies and a tight focused low end that works great with any rig. The original gain knob has a very weird range, so we smooth it out and give you a wide variety of options within that one knob. We also replace various low quality components with the highest quality possible for tone that you can feel. Last but not least, we add our 3-way gain switch that lets you switch from crunch/boost/smooth with ease.

From clean boost to crunch, its got you covered.

NOTE: We only offer this mod on your used Daddy O pedal.  We have not been able to get new Danelectro Daddy O pedals.  We do not have any official confirmation that this pedal is discontinued.  They are usually found on ebay for $20-$40 used.

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