Electro Harmonix "Can't Get No" Satisfaction Mod

Electro Harmonix “Can’t Get No” Satisfaction Mod


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The EHX Satisfaction is a faithful reproduction of the vintage Mosrite Fuzzrite Fuzz from the 1960’s. This circuit was one of the first mass produced fuzz circuits ever made and arguably the pedal that started the effect pedal craze of the mid to late 1960’s when The Rolling Stones released “Satisfaction” with its gnarly and cutting riff. As amazing as that riff was and as much as it changed the way a guitar player thought about his tone, the Mosrite circuit has some shortcomings in todays world.

We enhance several aspects of the Satisfaction fuzz and give you more options tonally than just about any pedal we modify. The three position “voice” toggle on the left side of the pedal gives you three eq choices. In the middle position you have the stock Mosrite voice that is thin, cutting and sharp. We call this the “Bright” voice. In the down position we give you what we call the “Mids” voice. It has a nice mid punch that is just bright enough but also has some body to it. Great for rhythm riffs and chords. In the up position we give you the “Bass” voice. This position has the most low end and it kicks hard. Huge chords, full riffs and overall the most powerful setting. All of these voices interplay with the stock “Attack" knob and the newly added “Saturation" control on the right side. The “Saturation” control lets you fine tune the dirt structure of the circuit and allows for the pedal to interchange as a boost pedal, overdrive pedal, distortion pedal or the originally intended Fuzz box that it is.

With all of these tweaks you will have the most affordable, tweak-able and enjoyable fuzz pedal we have ever offered in our mod line.

***DISCLAIMER***  – After the Mod perform, the 9V battery will become disabled. Also, we have noticed recently in early 2015 the painted cases and screen printed graphics on the EHX pedals seem to be a lot more brittle and fragile then earlier runs...in some cases the new EHX pedals even arrive to us with minor flaws right out-of-the-box.  We do our best to care for these pedals during the Mod Shop process, but because of the unusual quantity that come to us "blem" we will not guarantee the cosmetic condition of EHX pedals we mod will be perfect, furthermore we cannot take responsibility for any minor scuff, scratches, small paint chips that may appear on EHX pedals.

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