Green Tea

Green Tea
Green TeaGreen Tea
Green TeaGreen Tea

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Discontinued to offer up more room in the lineup late 2012.

Bass players have some basic needs and face a few issues when setting up a rig or board, the Green Tea approaches these things and more!

The right footswitch is to our Lime Aid Compressor / Enhancer. You will never wanna turn this one off!

The middle footswitch is our Blender so that you can place your drives or fuzzes within the loop and blend the perfect amount of affected signal into your clean . This can also be used as a tuner out or simple effects loop to activate a string of multiple pedals for a preset tone.

The left footswitch is our Mini Bomb Boost for rising above the mix or fattening up your tone on a smaller rig.

The Green Tea is our fix for every bass player and only gets better when adding our Low Drive, Pandamonium or a 4 Wheeler!


This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 7.4"x4.7"x1.3"

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