Ibanez TS-9 High Gain Mod

Ibanez TS-9 High Gain Mod


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***NEW***  TS-9 High Gain Mod
After working up the High Gain for the EHX East River Drive, we wanted to experiment with a high gain TS-9 option and ended up with a very usable result. The TS-9 High Gain Mod provides tons of available drive while still retaining the character and familiarity of a classic TS-9 screamer.  With almost twice the available drive, a modified tone section and several tweaks throughout the circuit, the High Gain Mod gives you everything from medium to heavy overdrive with clarity and punch.  This is our most heavy tubescreamer style tone available out of any of our pedals we offer. What we have here is pleasantly surprising and still super usable.

Also available with True Bypass switching mod (choose option below).

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