Joyo Vintage Overdrive Mods

Joyo Vintage Overdrive Mods
Joyo Vintage Overdrive ModsJoyo Vintage Overdrive ModsJoyo Vintage Overdrive Mods
Joyo Vintage Overdrive ModsJoyo Vintage Overdrive ModsJoyo Vintage Overdrive Mods

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Due to popular request we converted our popular Tubescreamer mods into the Joyo “Vintage Overdrive”… These are great pedals to mod because they are made fairly sturdy, cheap and they accept modifications very well.

Tri-Screamer Mod
Do you love tubescreamer tone but just wish it had more attitude? How about tons more saturation and the ability to choose three different clipping types? That’s what we have here in the Tri-Screamer. We fine tune this screamer to live on the wild side. Heavy overdrive tones galore with enough range to make your head spin. Better all around dynamics and clarity even when cranked.

High-Gain Mod
After working up the High Gain for the EHX East River Drive and the TS-9, we wanted to experiment with a high gain option for the Joyo Vintage Overdrive and ended up with a very usable result. The High Gain Mod provides tons of available drive while still retaining the character and familiarity of a classic tubescreamer tone. With almost twice the available drive, a modified tone section and several tweaks throughout the circuit, the High Gain Mod gives you everything from medium to heavy overdrive with clarity and punch. What we have here is pleasantly surprising and still super usable.

Strong Mod
Make your Tubescreamer sound like you've always wanted it to! More transparent, smoother, better range and an overall wider amount of tones! You will notice twice the available gain and an even cleaner boost when needed. The Strong Mod responds just like a tube amp when you roll off the guitars volume, cleaning up beautifully. The low end is rich and focused, and the other frequencies shine through any good amp. Whether you play rock, country, blues or anything else, this pedal can find a spot on your board.

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