JHS Klon Replica

JHS Klon Replica
JHS Klon ReplicaJHS Klon ReplicaJHS Klon ReplicaJHS Klon Replica
JHS Klon ReplicaJHS Klon ReplicaJHS Klon ReplicaJHS Klon Replica


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"We got the new Klon KTR in yesterday from our good friends at The Guitar Sanctuary in Texas. It sounds excellent and you wont be disappointed.  Because of this we officially have stopped production of our Klon Replica and highly encourage you to go buy the real thing from one of Bill's many dealers. Have a great day!"  - Josh Scott, November 6, 2012  -



The JHS Klon Replica is temporarily available for a limited time only while the original Klon is out-of-production. Our Klon Replica is built to last, carries our standard warranty, takes up less space than the original, and is available in 3 looks: Copper, Silver Sparkle, or Hand Painted version.  It runs on any standard Boss style 9v power and internally adjusts to 18 volts through the use of a charge pump.  Do NOT attempt to power the JHS Klon Replica with an 18v power supply. Doing so will damage the pedal.

The Klon is not an original JHS design and will be taken out of production as soon as the original Klon Centaur is re-released and begins to be shipped/received by customers. We love Bill's work and highly recommend you play the real thing when you get a chance because it is a spectacular pedal.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 4.7"x3.7"x1.2"

Go check out Bill's website and grab the new one when it is released! https://www.klon-siberia.com/

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