Line 6 MM4 Mods

Line 6 MM4 Mods
Line 6 MM4 ModsLine 6 MM4 Mods
Line 6 MM4 ModsLine 6 MM4 Mods

Price: $399

As of September 2013, we are no longer modifying USED Line 6 "4 series" pedals (DL4, MM4, etc).  Due to the failure rate of the 4 Series we are only modifying NEW 4 Series pedals.  We can not fix broken 4 Series in most cases when the power or digital section has issues.  We stand-behind our Mods with our standard 2 year warranty but we cannot support or fix common issues related to power section or digital section of the 4 Series.  Our Mods are analog only and do not affect or improve the power section or digital section of 4 Series pedals.

Hi-Fi + Volume Loss Mod

The DL4 and MM4 are two of the most used pedals in the professional world yet they have a few issues. In stock form they suffer from a volume drop when they're engaged as well as some clarity and noise issues on certain settings. We fix the volume issue, noise issue and add more clarity, focus and response to the unit as well as installing super bright white LED’s.

Switch Replacement

We repair a LARGE number of Line 6 modelers with failed switches. This is due to the very poor quality and function of the stock switch. We replace these prone-to-fault switches with HEAVY duty fluid momentary replacements. You will notice a smoother push as well as more reliable switching action. Make your pedal road worthy and never worry about your MM4 again!

Expression Knob Install

This mod is a must for the “tweaker”... You can have your expression function right on top of your pedal! No bulky expression pedal, just more options with less fuss. Save more sounds and have more tweak-ability in the live environment. NOTE: The  Expression Knob mod and Preset Switch mod cannot exist together.

All Mods

The "ALL MODS" includes the Hi-Fi, Volume Fix, and Expression Knob install. Note: the Expression Knob and Preset Switch cannot exist together.  The All Mods comes with the Expression Knob install but not the Preset Switch install.


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