RE-20 Space Echo "Soft Touch/Expression" Mod

RE-20 Space Echo “Soft Touch/Expression” Mod

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Straightforward and simple...if you have a pretty loaded pedal board where pedal real-estate is at a high premium, and have a RE-20 or DD-20 on it, you may know how awkward and difficult at times it can be to stomp on the Boss pad-style foot switches without hitting other pedals.  This proves to be difficult in certain pedalboard arrangements and live situations because you really have to hit the bottom 20% area of those Boss pad-style foot switches.

We fix this issue by installing standard high-quality soft-touch foot switches on both of the RE-20's foot pads.  On the RE-20 we also relocate the "peak" LED so that we can add a large top-mounted expression knob in the upper right corner of the pedal.  The onboard expression knob works with the RE-20 just like an external expression pedal would work with the RE-20.

After the Soft-Touch/Expression Mod, you have a bit more height on your switches, a nifty onboard expression knob, and you can easily place the RE-20 in the top/upper row of your pedalboard so your foot wont mistakenly hit the other pedals on your pedal board.  Nuff said.

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