SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)

SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)
SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)
SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)SuperBolt 500 (Distortion)


Price: $399

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SuperBolt 500

The Superbolt 500 is an all analog dirt module that offers texture and diverse tones for tracking dirty vocals, drums or anything you don’t want clean. All discreet circuitry and no digital emulation help make the Superbolt 500 a vicious tool for tracking or mixing. It is designed with engineers and producers who want to step out of using only plugins to saturate tracks.

Knobs and Controls

There are three knobs on the front of the unit: Master, EQ, and Drive. The Master knob is the overall volume of the unit. When pushing this knob higher at lower drive settings, you can get just a slight color and natural sounding overdrive. The EQ knob is a similar type tone function that you would find on a vintage guitar amplifier and is very usable in its full sweep as a fixed low pass filter. The Drive knob controls the amount of dirt you are applying to the signal. You can get just a slight breakup color to utterly destroyed distortion tones.


The Hi/Lo toggle gives you the ability to select overall lower gain or higher gain settings. The Engage/Bypass toggle turns the unit off or on for instant comparisons. There is also a 1/4” instrument jack on the front of the unit so you can plug your guitar, bass or older microphones directly into the unit.

No other company has brought a dedicated, discreet overdrive to the 500 market until now. See what real, unprocessed analog overdrive can do to your recordings.


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