Warble Tron

Warble Tron
Warble TronWarble TronWarble Tron
Warble TronWarble TronWarble Tron

the warbletron has one of the best pitch modulators I have heard yet. Really smooth. Just feels great. - Jared Scharff (SNL Lead Guitarist)


Price: $299

From the 60’s came an effect that had a serious impact on the way guitarist expressed themselves. It was an effect that when used right had that “wow” factor, and it was a tool that helped make the “Star Spangled” banner relative to a new generation in the hands of a man named Jimi. Some of the most influential guitarist ever have consistently found a way to express their voice with this circuit, and we feel you will too.

With a large speed control that is easily controlled with your foot, changes to the speed of the effect are easy during live settings. The Speed LED blinks in time with the speed even when the unit is off so you always know what is going on inside. Controls for Depth (intensity of the effect), Volume Cut and vibrato/chorus toggle (gives you the classic chorus or vibrato settings with the flick of a switch). The Warble-Tron runs on standard 9v power and is internally turning your standard 9v into 15v, so there is no need to have a funky adapter or wall-wart power supply.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 4.7"x3.7"x2"


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