Ibanez TS-9 Tri-Screamer + True Bypass

Ibanez TS-9 Tri-Screamer + True Bypass


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Do you love the TS-9 but just wish it had more attitude? How about tons more saturation and the ability to choose three different clipping types? That’s what we have here in the Tri-Screamer. We fine tune this screamer to live on the wild side.

Heavy overdrive tones galore with enough range to make your head spin. Better all around dynamics and clarity even when cranked. We install a NE5532 chip for the perfect final touch.

If you’re concerned about tone loss due to the buffered bypass of the Tubescreamer circuit, then this mod is for you. We install a high quality 3PDT switch into the case and modify the circuit for True Bypass. Never again worry about losing tone when your pedal is off.

We dare you to combine this with your amp's lead channel or even stack it with another overdrive.  You may never be the same.

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