Panther Cub V1.5 Upgrade Mod

Panther Cub V1.5 Upgrade Mod

Price: $25

Version 1.5 now shipping as of November 10, 2015!!!  Version 1.5 is nearly identical to V1 except for a internal change that provides nearly infinite feedback and smoother and less-percussive run-away/oscillation!  V1.5 has no external changes or any function changes...just the internal change.

Do you want us to mod your V1 to V1.5?
We're happy to modify V1 Panther Cubs into V1.5 for a small fee... select the option in the drop down menu below and complete the checkout process... be sure to print and complete our Modification form and include it in the box with your Cub when you mail it to us.  That form can be printed here... Modification Form

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