EHX Soul Food "Meat & 3" Mod

EHX Soul Food “Meat & 3″ Mod


Price: $135

Electro Harmonix recently released the Soul Food, which is a very accurate reproduction of the Klon.  We add a three way gain toggle that expands the versatility of the Soul Food far beyond the stock options.  Lastly, we also added a bass contour "Meat" knob to really make this pedal a tone shaping tool.

These modifications retain the integrity of the original Klon tones while giving you a few extra tone shaping abilities.

Centaur mystery meat never tasted so good!

***DISCLAIMER*** After the Mod perform, the 9V battery will become disabled. We guarantee the performance the Mod pedal, but we do not guarantee that the Mod pedal will be or remain in a cosmetically pristine condition. We purchase new EHX pedals directly from EHX. The handling necessary to make the Mod can, despite our best efforts, unavoidably causes the chassis to be prone to minor scuffs, scratches, and small paint chips.


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